Why buy property in Kefalonia

 Answers to vital questions on buying property in Kefalonia: why Kefalonia, and how your choice of ZAFIRATOS GROUP KEFALONIA will assure your peace of mind

What is the Kefalonia real estate market like? Is the island popular among property buyers?
Over the last decade Kefalonia has emerged as an extremely popular destination for Europeans buying property abroad as residence, holiday quarters, or investment. The demand for property on the island has an extraordinary growth rate: just in the last five years, the demand has quadrupled.
What are the comparative advantages of buying property in Kefalonia as opposed to other places in Greece or abroad?
Too many to list here, but here is a representative sample of Kefalonia’s comparative advantages:

  1. Extraordinary natural beauty: this island has been truly blessed with an amazing natural environment. The diversity of Kefalonia’s landscape has earned the island the title of “land of contrasts”. Every possible variation in geomorphology co-exists here: beautiful, long sandy beaches with turquoise waters; secluded emerald coves; fertile grasslands, rugged mountains and rocks which crash into the sea; gorges and caves and an extensive variety of flora and fauna. The history and cultural heritage of Kefalonia are just as significant and are evident in impressive archaeological sites, old chapels and bell towers, architecture and preserved traditions. The inland is dotted with over 300 villages of traditional character and beauty. The diversity in the landscape ensures that there is a corner on the island which is ideal for everyone.
  2. Mild climate. The island has typically Mediterranean climate which is characterized by mild winters, colorful springs and autumns, and, sun-drenched dry summers. There’s bright sunshine over 300 days a year – in fact, Kefalonia is the Greek territory with the most days of sunshine year round. The occasional snowfall on Mt. Aenos serves to replenish the island’s water springs and is accompanied by calm seas and blue skies. The southern winds blowing in the winter assure comfortable temperatures, ideal for walks on the beach even in mid winter, and provide the moisture necessary for the island’s unique flora to thrive. Foggy skies are confined to a few days, and even then, by midday the sun is shining bright once again. There is never icing on the roads as the temperatures never dip below freezing point. The climatic conditions are such that every single sunrise and sunset on the island is unique and spectacular on its own right. Were it not for the exquisite landscape, one could argue that the climate is Kefalonia’s utmost advantage. Every part of the island has its own unique colorful horizon – the choice of location depends on your own particular preference.
  3. Social and political stability. Greece is a non-volatile country politically, and a full member of the European Union. The former provides security and peaceful living conditions. The latter assures that the purchase of property by EU citizens is easy, with no unexpected delays or encumbrances.
  4. Cost of purchase. Prime property in Kefalonia is still inexpensive in comparison to other markets. More often than not, the perspective buyer will be pleasantly surprised at the price of the property he has set he eyes and heart on. This also applies to the cost of living which is approximately 30% lower than Cyprus’ and over 50% lower than Portugal’s or Spain’s.
  5. Low crime rate. According to 2002 data, Greece in general – and Kefalonia in particular – have among the lowest crime rates in Europe (3% of the UK, 2% of Spain and Portugal, 8% of Ireland). Kefalonia still enjoys tight social bonds and neighborly conditions which provide an added sense of security.
  6. Kefalonians. Renowned for their hospitality, the people of Kefalonia are fun loving, with a friendly attitude towards foreigners. The vast majority of EU citizens who have bought property on the island count their Kefalonian neighbors as family friends.

Which destinations are Kefalonia’s competitors in the real estate market, and, how does the island compare with them?
While Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Malta and Cyprus offer some similar conditions, Kefalonia maintains the competitive edge for very specific reasons. Similar properties in the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, and France are much more expensive, while the landscape itself in these countries has deteriorated to an extent due to overdevelopment in the tourism sector. Malta does not offer a big selection of land due to its size and geomorphology, Turkey does not offer political and social stability, and Cyprus, although it offers most of Kefalonia’s advantages, is far more expensive.

What are the unique benefits of buying property in Kefalonia through ZAFIRATOS GROUP KEFALONIA, compared to using other property agents?
Absolutely professional service with just the right personal touch! Each and every one of our esteemed clients is attended to with one thing in mind: his transaction is to be as worry free as possible in terms of legal, financial and tax matters. Our advice and handling of transactional procedures assures our client that all he needs to concern himself with is the selection of his envisioned property and usage thereof.
However, the relationship with the client is not confined to the transaction nor does it end upon the signing of the contract. We realize that very often issues with regard to cultural differences and practical matters such as schooling and taxation can be worrisome initially. For this reason, we offer advice and service even after the purchase has been completed. In fact, we take special pride in our track record of assisting our clients in “settling in” and making their new property -and Kefalonia- a real home.

Is financing available for interested foreign buyers?

ZAFIRATOS GROUP can arrange financing matters for you. In most cases, up to 70% of the capital required for the purchase may be obtained through financing. Our company offers financial services for all types of buyers and properties: from individuals and professionals to business entities.

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