Traditions in Kefalonia

 Living in Kefalonia is a bit more than just enjoying the sun and the sea. The island’s cultural and social traditions are so unique, that you’ll find yourself wanting to be a part of this way of life.

On the social level, Kefalonians are very friendly people and not at all averse to foreigners. It is therefore customary to be neighborly. So, don’t be surprised if your new neighbor drops by with a basket of fresh produce or a tin of olive oil to welcome you to the neighborhood. Friendly gestures should be reciprocated, even in the form of a cheerful “kalimera” (good morning) from across the fence. Many locals still engage in traditional occupations such as agriculture, fishing, wine making, stock breeding, and handicrafts. Show an interest in their way of life and before you know it you may end up receiving some fun “unofficial” training on how to grow the perfect tomato or pick and pickle olives.

On the recreational side, Kefalonians – as all Greeks – are fun loving people who enjoy their song and dance. Especially in the summer, there are innumerable local feasts, usually coinciding with religious holidays. No matter how remote a village or community is, there is at least one feast held during the year. Name days are very important, even more so than birthdays. Weddings and baptisms are a cause for family and community celebration.

Municipalities organize a variety of cultural events every year, ranging from concerts, theatre, exhibition of local products, dance festivals, wine tasting events, and much, much more. Attending one or more of these events will actually get you into the “Kefalonian” mood and familiarize you with the culture and tradition of your new home.

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