Retiring to Kefalonia

Retirees have a huge range of properties to choose from. This market segment is enjoying rapid growth and popularity. A variety of properties with specifications tailored to this clientele group are available in Kefalonia.

Zafiratos Group Kefalonia's real estate services will guide you through the search process by giving you access to many different types of properties in communities and locations that match your requirements. We have a large clientele base of retirees and this has given us the opportunity to get a thorough insight into the special desires and needs that usually go along with wishing to retire abroad.

Retirement Abroad

Issues involved in searching for a retirement property

Assisted Living Homes

Retirement Abroad

Retirement is a long sought after event for many people and something that they plan for years ahead. Retirees usually see this as period in their lives that will give them the chance to enjoy many things they were deprived of during their more “productive” but busy and stressful years, including traveling, taking up a hobby, socializing, or doing absolutely nothing at all.

Often however, these plans for a dream retirement are upset by practical matters such as the rising cost of living, low returns on savings and investments, and high tax burdens. This has prompted a lot of retirees to consider a move to another country which is hospitable, has a better climate, and most importantly, a lower cost of living. Greece meets all these criteria and Kefalonia is a prime location in Greece for retirees. A mild climate, pleasant social relations, a low crime rate, appropriate and affordable properties are some of the benefits of retiring to Kefalonia. The island’s hospitality and natural environment will allow you to enjoy every moment, while the lower cost of living and affordability of real estate will allow you to live comfortably on your income.

Kefalonia’s benefits are not exhausted in its low cost of living and the high quality of life. As a result of its relaxed lifestyle, the climate, and its typically Mediterranean diet, Kefalonia boasts one of the highest longevity averages in Europe.

Issues involved in searching for a retirement property

Location, Location, Location!
One serious consideration in choosing a location is whether or not you want to live in a community with many friends and ex-pats, or would rather mingle with the locals and make new friends. If you don’t drive – or would prefer not to- or you don’t have your own means of transportation, you may want to look at properties closer to main towns or those with more frequent public transportation links. A house in the countryside may be a good choice if you are a gardening enthusiast, while a coastal property may be more suitable if a jog on the beach year round sounds exciting. There are many more such considerations and you’ll really have to think about the lifestyle you dreamt of for your retirement before you settle on a location.

Suitability /special amenities of the premises
More and more, retirement properties provide certain special amenities with people with diminished physical capabilities including waist high fixtures and wide doors which allow for wheelchairs etc. It is important to take such specific needs into account when short listing properties to view. If a certain property is not fitted with special features as described above, it might still be possible to work something out – especially if it’s still under construction. A discussion with the architect or developer may be worthwhile if you really otherwise like the property. Existing properties which do not cater to these needs can still be suitable if the appropriate renovations are possible.

Type of property
Are you the apartment type or would rather have a home with a garden? If you prefer a home, you must think about things such as: one level home or maisonette?; traditional open grounds or enclosed? If your preferences lean towards an apartment dwelling, you must consider the floor, availability of lift, size of balconies etc.

A retirement home may have facilities like a pool, a garden, access to communal recreational grounds, etc. One issue you should be concerned with is the caretaking of such facilities in case you can’t or don’t wish to do it yourself. There is an expense attached to having someone else take care of the grounds, one that you may not wish to incur. On the other hand facilities such as outdoor BBQ’s and housed garages may be important to you. The correct way to go about this is to think beforehand which facilities are important to you now, or will be in the future.

Assisted Living Homes

What is a retirement property?

A retirement property can be a totally independent home or one designed for buyers that require assisted facilities and special amenities on a daily basis.
Retirement homes with assisted facilities include:

  • High quality security and fire alarm systems which assure residents peace of mind
  • A House Manager or caretaker
  • Special features such as waist high fittings, lifts, en suite bathrooms and kitchenettes
  • Communal recreation and service areas such as a gym, central lounge, housekeeping, meal delivery, waitress service, restaurants and an easily accessible garden
  • Proximity to locals market and easy access to public transportation


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