Intelligent Homes

 What are intelligent homes?'

An intelligent home is the future, HERE and NOW!
Intelligent homes don’t need any cable installations because any electrical or electronic appliance works simply by using the existing electrical installation.

How does this work?
This is achieved through X 10 commands, simply by putting a special module on each switch or activation box.

How does this make a house 'intelligent'?

  • No cable installation necessary
  • Appliances are remotely commanded and instructed via SMS text message
  • This technology can be applied to existing homes as well as new ones
  • Easy in application and use
  • Compatible with all switch types
  • Control achieved through switches, remote control, or computer
  • All types of lamps are supported
  • Multitasking – many actions can be performed simultaneously without having to switch off the appliance.
  • Appliances can be turned on or off remotely from any room
  • Appliances can be switched on or off from any distance outside the house via SMS text message

An intelligent home offers control of:

  • Lights
  • Electrical appliances
  • Security & alarm system
  • Cooling & heating system
  • Awnings
  • Electrical shutters, audio & video systems, irrigation systems

A variety of interesting, customized scenarios can evolve in an intelligent home. For example, turning the alarm on at night may automatically “trigger” deactivation of all appliances that would otherwise have to be turned off one by one.
The scenarios are just too many to mention, use your imagination and create one or more of your own!

What is the usefulness of this “intelligence”?

  • Avoidance of accidents caused by forgotten activated appliances
  • Convenience (e.g. temperature control)
  • Security Barrier to break-ins (i.e. when away, you can create an “at-home” scenario by having lights switched on and off at set times to give the impression of human activity)

What is the intelligent home system comprised of?

  • A central control panel
  • Command key boards (touch screen, monitors, and pocket pc).
  • The modules put on the switches e.g. light switches and electrical shutter switches

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