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 Information house rentals in Kefalonia

Finding a long term rental

Long term rentals are usually delivered to the tenant unfurnished. Utility bills are not included in the agreed upon rent. Security deposits to the landlord are normally 1-3 monthly rents and this amount is returned to the tenant upon his vacating the premises. Landlords are obligated to declare the rental to the tax office by submitting a copy of the lease. The tenant can get a certified copy from the tax office and it is wise to do so because this document is necessary if one is to apply for a residence permit (the contract serves as proof of residence).
The minimum rental period is one year. To avoid future problems, the lease contract should clearly state the duration and the required notice period for renewal, termination, etc. If you as a tenant wish to leave before the end of the lease, try to find a new tenant for the premises as this will be reasonably accepted by the landlord.

Renting your property for the long term

Rental income must be reported to the tax authorities of your “country of permanent residence”. If you are receiving rental income from a second home abroad, you must report it to the tax authorities of that country and ask for a certification that you have paid the due tax. This is important in order to avoid double taxation. Your accountant will advice you on this issue of double taxation and how to avoid it.

Letting your property in Greece for the short term

In order to rent your property for the short term you must have the EOT license (issued by the Greek National Tourism Organization). No license is necessary if you are giving use of the property to family and friends, at NO CHARGE.

Requirements for obtaining a license from the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT):

  1. Application form.
  2. Declaration by applicant.
  3. Rental agreement.
  4. Certificate form the Fire Service.
  5. Statement of suitability of the property.
  6. Certificate stating that both water and cesspit arrangements meet the required criteria.
  7. Criminal record of the applicant.
  8. Health certificate of the applicant.
  9. Receipts of payments of local taxes required.
  10. Latest tax return of applicant.
  11. Certified photocopy of building permits
  12. Certificate of anti earthquake construction, signed by qualified architect.
  13. Plans of house plumbing signed by certified architect.

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