Building in Kefalonia

 Basic Tips:
Amount of land needed to build:

If a plot of land is outside the town plan limits , you can still build on it as long as it is at least 4.000 m2, and provided that there are no forestry or archaeological restrictions
If a plot of land, less than 2.000 m2, is located within a planning zone or borders on a principal municipal road, it can be build on
If a plot of land is located inside a village, town, or city limits it can be build on without size restrictions
There are always exceptions to the above rules, usually having to do with restrictions in specifically designated areas where special planning regulations apply. Building permits are issued by the Urban Planning Authority on the submitted plans of certified architects and civil engineers.

Other Issues

  • The architect and/or civil engineer plays a vital role in the construction, so, make sure you choose one who is not only reputable and reliable, but whom you can communicate with. He is the professional whom you’ll work with in order to design your dream house. The architect/engineer is aware of local restrictions and regulations and he will be responsible for obtaining the building permit. Once the construction is underway, he will have to sign off and certify that the foundations/footings are correctly installed. His certification in the various stages of the construction is necessary because they render the building legal – something necessary in order to have utility services connected.
  • If the plot you’re going to be building on is outside city/town plan limits, find out beforehand what the cost of being connected to services and utilities will be
  • Make sure that the building contract includes costs for the building permit, IKA, and VAT. If they are not, make sure you get an estimate in writing so you’ll know exactly what these extra costs amount to.
  • If you decide to go with an independent builder, make sure the contract with the architect/engineer clearly states that you have this option.
  • As problem free and less expensive as building within city/town limits is, don’t forget that the vacant plots around you might be build on sooner than you think and that you may end up with more neighbors than you had anticipated
  • Plots with poor road access can have a higher cost of construction

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